Windows in the ground

I seem to have gone quiet lately, still walking the dog up and down Hatchbank Road, still getting cheesed off with the spell of lousy weather that we are having and still listening to podcasts as I go.

Dog walking can be a very sociable affair… it’s not so much fun on your own, well Fin, the photographers Nightmare is not much of a conversationalist but meeting my neighbours and spending a short while in conversation makes the walk that wee bit richer for having shared the company of a fellow human being for a brief moment in time. Failing all that and it is down to my old iPod Midi to come up with something to keep me occupied and entertained.

One of my all time favourites is the lens Work podcast from Brooks Jensen. He is a master photographer but it is his view on photography, which borders on home-spun philosophy that I like. Personally I wish that I could subscribe to Lens Work, which his wonderful magazine but I can’t. The photography inside is the stuff to aspire to, really inspirational, a kind of national geographic for monochrome aficionados.

What inspired me today was puddles, or to be more precise the reflections in the puddles, like little windows on the ground, showing a different aspect of a familiar world. Photographing puddles is not without it’s problems, there is the traffic to contend with and not all puddles reflect something interesting but the most frustrating problem is my beloved quadruped, man’s best friend, Fin, the Photographers Nightmare. Keeping him of of my puddles while I’m trying to take the shot is a pure nightmare. I’m just about ready to take the shot and splish, splash, splosh along comes Fin, drinking as he goes, like a water-bomber filling its tanks by skimming along the surface of a lake. Aargh, the number of times I have shouted rude words at him is unreal.

Jeepers Creepers

Corny title isn’t it?

All today’s photos have been processed to achieve the same toned look, which seemed to fit the mood and I definitely saw this as a high contrast monochrome when I took it.

Cleish Road

This one just appealed to me but it wasn’t until I ran it through Photoshop that I realised the way the clouds seemed to fit the scene.

Window on the ground 1

Window on the ground 2

Window on the ground 3

What I seemed to like about them is that they are not perfect, each one has a small flaw that gives the game away. The other thing that I like about them is that they are automatically two stops down, so exposing for the clouds is very easy indeed, all that I done was to boost the contrast a bit to make the trees stand out more.

That was my dog-walk, afterwards I managed to finish off the device (dubbed the Siege Engine) that I made to raise the sheets of 12mm plaster board up to the ceiling so that I could move onto the next stage of building my darlin’ her dream kitchen. I got two full sheets up before a piddly little half sheet frustrated my attempts to fit it. I have a feeling that the problem lies with me and the way that I erected the ceiling joists… once again, shot with a ball of my own sh1t! Oh the joys of DI(Bl**dy)Y…. and now for some of that beer therapy that I have been badly needing all day.



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