I think I’m turning Japanese…

Funny, I listened to Turning Japanese by the Vapours (1980), in all innocence until  many years after the song was released and I found out what it was really about and somehow its never the same… anyway I’m talking about the Japanese love of cherry blossom, that’s what turns me on!

Every year I get treated to the blast of colour from the cherry blossom and then if all goes to plan I get treated to the fruit towards the end of summer. Both Fin and I enjoy the cherries, which are more full of flavour than the ones that you buy in the shops. I like to think that Fin also does his bit, usually here, there and everywhere… and I usually have to pick it up and bag-it but maybe some of it will be fertile enough to germinate and make more trees somewhere.

Cherry blossom

The unfortunate thing usually happens, all the trees blossom and before the bees can get busy along comes a big wind or a heavy downpour and off comes all the blossoms and the vital pollen and at the end of it we are left with no fruit. So here’s hoping that this year will be different.

Another day another flower…

...also available in yellow

This almost white daffy was photographed on Rushfield Farm road…

Rushfield Farm Road

A two photo vertical panorama.

Other news – Approaching another milestone on the road to completion of my building project, the sparky came in yesterday afternoon and got wired in, the 13 Amp ring-main (techno talk, that’s the wiring circuit to the kitchen appliances) was laid down in lighting fashion, it would have taken me a week to what he done today. So I’m happy!


Lastly a trip up to Screwfix in Perth for some sparky bits, funny how the bike seemed to find its own way to Scone airport first.


This had just happened by the time that I arrived. The ACS Engineers had to make a wheel change out the on the taxiway.

Patience paid off once again as I waited a long time to get a photo of this Jabiru out of the hangar.

G-CCAE Jabiru

I warn toned this and applied a fair bit of noise reduction on the clouds to blue the detail.

G-CCAE Jabiru, Scone


I took the very scenic route home, from Perth to Strathallan along the old Roman Road then through Gleneagles and Glen Devon to Milnathort for some petrol (went up 2p since Thursday) and home. All in all a rather nice dose of Beemer therapy on a sunny afternoon.

That’s all from me for this weekend, one more day left before I go back to work and possibly one more post to come… it all depends on what kind of a day I will have had. The gas fitters are coming tomorrow to start work on fitting the new boiler and that will be a great milestone to pass believe me… never again will the little pink narky one have a shower and leave us without any hot water. Teenagers!


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