Being let loose on the world

Having done all there was to do concerning the kitchen DI(Bl**dy)Y  entitled me to a day off yesterday, so dragging the Beemer out, I rode forth to the nearby Mike Bruce Center for the Incurably Propless at Portmoak. I have to admit that I originally wanted to take a walk up a nearby hill and photograph the gliders as they worked the ridge but let’s say that I was just a little fragile for the 20 minute climb with all the camera gear and gave it a miss. A pity because as I rode along the foot of the ridge, there were already a half dozen or so gliders working the ridge, another day perhaps…. what’s fur ye wull nae go by ye. (What’s for you will not pass you by.)

There was a lot of gliders out but not many to photograph, a visiting Grob 109 powered glider was right by the fence but the covers were on it and that does not make for a nice picture. This was a local, which was almost sitting pretty, that is except for the Range Rover in the background. It would be nice to get air side at Portmoak but unfortunately the Scottish Gliding Union is too big to be social.

G-CFUS Junior, Portmoak

Onwards to nearby Glenrothes or Fife Airport, one of the Tayside Grobs appeared sporting a new colour scheme, which unfortunately was not photograph able because although you get close to the aircraft at Glenrothes, you are also looking into the sun. Sitting beside it was a Cessna 310. It is not that often you see twins here, there used to be a regular but it was sold abroad. Again backlit so just one photo for the “album” and that was it.

Back home for lunch and straight back out again up to Dundee to buy some stuff for tomorrows work and a stop at the airport where there was nothing to photograph so it was over to Scone for the bulk of my photo therapy.

G-OFIX Grob 109, Scone

Oban’s loss is my gain. The Grob that was parked up at Portmoak appeared at Scone. They flew over to the west but could not get down through the clouds to land or more importantly they had doubts about getting through the clouds to depart so they came here instead. This Grob is immaculately finished, complete with a leather interior trim.

G-GBVX Robin, Scone

I has seen the prospect of the three aircraft noses, the Robin a Cessna 172 and a Grumman AA5 and a passing Tampico made four. All I had to do was contort myself low enough to get all of them in a line, sort of like limbo dancing for photographers.

So there we have it back to work today with some serious  knitting with electrical string and approaching another milestone on the road to finishing the extension and realising my dream of being able to learn to fly.


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