Desperately seeking daffies

Another day and another Daffodil picture… and today is no exception.

Tried something different, well I had to because Fin, the Photographers Nightmare, isn’t so daft after all. He hung around in my foreground poking his shadow into my picture so much so I cracked and threw numerous biscuits in various directions so that he would get the H*ll out of my pictures!

Daffies on the move

Do not adjust your head, down to a 1/15th of a second and managed to time it right so the yellow heads were in the frame as a pressed the shutter button while moving the camera upwards. For those of a more conventional nature…

Rushfield Daffi

I kind of like the way the third pokes its head into the frame under the middle one.

Rushfield farm road

I discovered something interesting today, why some colour used to bleed its way through a High pass Filter mask. Turns out that I should desaturated the duplicate layer first. UnfortunatelyI can not remember how I managed to write the action to High pass sharpen in Lab mode. I have done it once so I should be able to do it again… I hope.

Into the light

The light was bouncing off the top of this dry stane dyke and it just said monochrome. I toned this a little for effect. A dyke by the way is what the Scots call a wall.

In the middle of a field stood a lonely gate

It was one of those days today, when the volume on my wee iPod went up to 11 and Comfortably Numb was blasted into my lugs. Standing in the middle of the field singing away as happy as a linty. (Lugs are ears and a Linty is a Linnet song bird.)

Back home and the morning delivery from Keyline arrived at the back of twelve, that’s the building trade for you, so I was able to get the first sheet of insulated plasterboard up onto the new kitchen wall in preparation for the central heating boiler being installed next week and I managed to get the old outside wall framed up except for a small misunderstanding with a nail gun… I wondered why the nails were going in so well. It turns out I was shooting 50mm nails into 50mm timber. The battery had gone flat by the time that I realised so I had to wait a while before the gun was ready for use again. Doh!

So there we go and now I am desperately in need of some aviation photo therapy… maybe tomorrow…


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