Being hammered from pillar to post

Another day another daffodil photo… well I tried an failed, the photos that I took were so bla, bla bla, so I never ever processed them to completion.

Today was not so successful on the DI(bl**dy)Y front. It never fails to amaze me how so many things need done at the same time and inevitably the one thing that I think is the most important turns out to be a nightmare.

Started out running a plastic conduit ready for the sparky, who should start work very soon, then had to stop that and start on finishing the floor in the new part of the kitchen ready for the installation of a single sheet of insulated plasterboard so that the plumber can install the new central heating boiler.

The fixings that I had bought for the floor turned out to be totally inadequate for the job, the air turned blue and language uttered forth that would make a sailor blush. I was not a happy bunny that’s for sure. Nothing left but to make a special trip up to Perth on the Beemer to buy another kind of fixing so I could finish the job. The net result was two hours lost, mind you it may have been an hour and a half had I not become seduced by a quick visit to Scone to see if there were any photos to be had. 🙂

Two piccies from today, both shot with my trusty old Canon G10.

G-DNKS Ikarus, Scone

Waiting for it to come close enough avoiding the patch of shadow in front of the main hangar.

N442BJ Cessna FR177RG, Scone

A large and slightly unusual looking Cessna, well a French built Reims Cessna, which is based at Kirknewton, near Edinburgh.

A beautiful ride back on the Beemer through Glenfarg and more cornering practice along the way. The cuffs on the bike jacket were slackened off to allow the air to flow along my arms and down my back so that I could keep cool, now you don’t hear many Scotsmen complaining of the heat in March do you?

No doubt more DI(bl**dy)Y, the insulated plaster board and timber are being delivered tomorrow morning so I’m going to have a wonderful time screwing and banging tomorrow. Oh joy…



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