The forced landing

Morning dog walk and much earlier run rises. Today started out on the misty side.

Benarty at dawn

Sitting down with my post-dog walk cup of tea and let’s put it like this… I heard in a roundabout way that a friend had forced landed his aircraft in a field, so off I went  to see if I could help. It can’t be much fun having to force land let alone have your buddies fly over and then leave you alone while they land and organise the recovery. All in all the recovery took about three hours before we were back at Scone, not bad considering. It was an interesting experience for me in that I seen how the wing was dismantled and how the whole lot went on the trailer.

My original intention was to go out and ride the bike through Glenfarg to practice my cornering technique, which according to my IAM Observer needs some more work, however seeing as it was lunchtime, the chances of getting a clear or a reasonably paced run through the glen without getting held up with a pensioner in a Nissan Micra seemed to be slim, so I decided to follow the Beemers front wheel and we ended up in Glendevon and Gleneagles, where I got some more overtaking practice in.

The bike seemed to know where to go from there as we ended up at Strathallan, where the parachuting was in full swing.

Ground rush

I love the no nonesense way paraa-drop pilots fly, right up to the point that one flicks the V-sign at you, that’s friends for you! Thanks Kieran… I’ll see you later

G-CCSN Cessna 206, Strathallan

G-CCSN Cessna 206, Strathallan


G-CCSN Cessna 206, Strathallan


G-AVFX PA-28, Strathallan

This Cherokee dates back to 1966, when something else happened although I can’t remember what…

From there I drove back home getting in some more cornering practice, passing through the hamlet of Forteviot, where a pensioner was brutally murdered very recently. the cottage is now boarded up with a Police incident caravan in still in place. Rest in peace Jenny, she was a much loved member of the community and her passing touch a lot of hearts.


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