Low down with the NUTT

An early start to the day, up at the crack of dawn to take the mutt out for his morning constitutional and a wee spot of photo therapy for me. I think it’s official now, Spring is definitely in the air as the Daffodils are starting to bloom along Hatchbank Road.


I improvised a little and used my handkerchief to do a custom white balance on the camera, there is no white in this scene so I used the custom white balance to get the colours right. The G10 was set up on the tripod, set to macro and went eye-to-eye with the daffy. However Fin, the Photographers Nightmare had to be bribed with a Scoobie-snack to get his bloo6y shadow of of my picture! I’m sure that he does it deliberately.

The it was home and to do a quick POWER check on the bike, Petrol (got some), Oil (need more) Water (not changed) Electricity Lights OK and Rubber Tyres and pressures OK then it was off up to through Gleneages to Crieff to meet Gordon to start the next training session.

The rest of the morning was spent on the bike touring through  Perthshire with an Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) Observer  on my tail. Having come into motorcycling in middle-age and not having the benefit, nor bravado of youth on my side I needed some training to correct any bad habits that I may have developed before they became something serious. The problem being that all the Motorcycle Test ever does is teaches you to pass the test, you really start learning after you have passed the test.

Two years ago I done the Bike Safe course  with the Tayside Police and that was a great help. It certainly changed the way I rode my bike for the better but I needed something to take me to the next level and that’s where the IAM How to be  better rider scheme came in. I have to admit that there is this impression of a know it all, flat capped, tweed jacketed, driving gloved stereotype comes into mind when the IAM is mentioned, well that’s not true. I mean have you ever tried getting a fat cap to stay on top of a bike helmet, I mean they fall off as soon as you get out of second gear and as for tweed jackets, I just have no idea who makes one with reflective stripes.

The training is quite good and my riding has certainly improved, and it’s not just a case of do this and do that, it teaches you survival skills, heaven knows riding a bike is dangerous enough without adding your own inadequacies into the equation.

In the afternoon I went out on the bike to Balado where I was lucky enough to get a photo of this Mainair Quik. You will see the connection between the title under the wing.

G-NUTT Quik, Balado

G-NUTT Quik, Balado

I had been after a good photo of this aircraft for ages, I just could not find myself to be in the right place at the right time.  The problem lay with the  paint on the pod. That’s the bit the pilot sits on, it’s metallic bronze and it needed the sun to bring it out in all its glory, that was until today.

After that its back to auld claes and porridge; back to normal and back to the DIY… although tomorrow I may just HAVE to go to Perth for some bits.

Watch this space…


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