Catalyst – Set in stone

Sunday was glorious, so much so after the morning dog walk when…

Rushfield Road Panorama

I shot this panoramic. I quite like the way the wide vista has been compressed, with the road forming a strong lead-in line to the blue horizon. In a week or so this one will have a long line of flowing daffodils along the track.

After deciding to give the bike a wash down down but drawing short of polishing the thing preferring to ride it rather than worship it, I was off to Scone and some more aviation photo therapy


I played God with this one, converting it to monochrome then colour popped the beautiful metallic blue back into the picture. I applied a heavy noise reduction and finally a Gaussian blur to a mask to blur the details in the sky to focus the eye back on the aircraft.

Off to Dundee to visit my dear Mother in Law but not before a shopping trip in town, which was just the excuse that I needed to spend some time at Dundee Airport or  William T McGonnagall International

Broken Tomahawk

This PA38 Tomahawk was first overturned during Hurricane Bawbag, which swept across Scotland in January and again in a lessor blow later on. It is finally being cut up for scrap.

All good things come to an end and I had to meet up with the family before heading up to see my dear MoL Waiting in a local car park gave me the opportunity to photograph this sculpture called Catalyst outside the Sensation Science Center.


It is surprising that it has not been defaced maybe the local NEDs like it, worshiped as the Spirit of Boy racer perhaps… or maybe because it is flanked by two security cameras?

Catch you later…


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