Playing with panos – again.

Still playing with the pano shots, discovering the joy of perspective distortion along the way

Hatchbank Farm Panoramic

This was the first of this mornings photos, the style these days is to more of less put the G10 on full manual, manual, focus, manual exposure, continuous shooting, a locked down white balance, and dare I say it use JPEG, hold down the shutter button click, move, click move and repeat this through out the whole scope of the view. The fence ran straight in front of me, it is only the panoramic software that make it look like a fish-eye shot. The cloud formation kind of dictated a monochrome conversion. Thankfully you can not see them all that well but the flock of sheep that were grazing in the field in front were making a bolt for it. Heaven knows what the pano software would have made of that!


Tree Hatchbank Road

Another one showing signs of fish-eye is this one. It’s a failure in every respect as what I saw and what I got were two different things.

Rushfield farm Road end

This one is also another failure, the pano worked out all right but again what I saw and what I got were two different things.

Silhouette, Hatchbank Road

This one is the one that I am the most pleased with of today’s batch and bucking convention it was a straight photo and not a panoramic. I saw the shot and positioned myself in the shadow of the tree, went onto manual mode and dialed in the exposure about a stop down. The first shot was over exposed and before I could try again a car came along the road. Back into the road and back into the shadow for another try and still it was over exposed…. and before I could readjust the exposure…. along came another car. The shot was nailed on the third try. It was converted to a monochrome with an accent on the clouds and a little of the colour was bled back with some enrichment along the way.

I am off on a long break, so hopefully I will be able to get some more photo therapy done in the days to come.


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