Take, take, take… time to give something back.

Take, take, take take. That’s all photographers ever seem to do, we take photographs right left and center but seldom do we give, give give, however last weekend was a bit different.

It was such a nice day on Sunday that I decided to go for a run on the Beemer. First stop was Scone or Perth Airport seeing it’s Sunday. There is always a good crowd in the clubhouse, which is a good time to catch up with my friends, to whom I owe so much. I would not have been there had it not been for my photography for at first I was very much shooting on the fringes of the airport, something that most aviation photographers seems to do, then I made one acquaintance, which became a friendship and more friendships followed until I became honoured with a membership of the Scottish Aero Club.

As an aviation photographer, I have a golden rule, that I supply my photographs to the pilots without any charge whatsoever. The way that I see it, I would have nothing to photograph without the pilots and their aircraft. So it was nice to give something back to old and new friends. I took some photos of a Gyrocopter for a friend who runs the Perth branch of a company called the Gyrocopter Experience I have flown in one of these MTO Sport gyrocopters in the past and I have to admit that it was great fun, they are well up there with the flexwings for things that I would love to fly that’s for sure.

Kevin was busy doing some voucher flights, the modern day equivalent of the “five bob flip” although you get a lot more for your money what a simple circuit.

MTO Sport

Doesn’t that not look like the bees knees?

Eat yer heart oot James Bond, you can keep your “little Nellie!”

Pre-flight briefing

The gentleman in the front seat is being taken through the pre-flight briefing, not the tables and seats to the upright positions, safety exits are located here , here and here although understandably the seatbelt sign never goes out as this is real flying.


I also had the opportunity to take some photos of a Hamilton Standard Glastar. I had seen and photographed this aircraft in the past but never really looked at it until Sunday and I was struck by the similarities between this and the Cessna 172

One should always try and think outside the box and seeing that it was such a fine day maybe even employ some blue sky thinking, so I got down on the grass and shot off a photo lying on my belly…. and yes I did rock a bit.

The other name for it is working the shot, you see something and then you work your way around it in search of the perfect angle and I think that I have found it with this one.

After Scone I went up to a small gliding fiend near Kirriemuir, unfortunately they were not flying so I just kept on going. I did find the super secret Barrs Strathmore Mineral Water plant, I say super secret because I reckon that Barrs are so ashamed to have a product that does not contain any sugar! In fact I believe that most of their product is exported to far off parts of Edinburgh and Milingavie.

I went no farther than Forfar (I could not resist that one, sorry) turning back to Glams then south to Dundee, over the bridge to Leuchars and St.Andrews and Kingsmuir and back home by way of leven and Glenrothes. All in all I done about a 100 miles.

That’s it from me except to say a big hello to,  my number one blog fan…

Hello Elaine!





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