Snapping like a hungry trout

A couple of photos from today.

As we march into a new year the dawn progressively gets earlier and earlier, I’m all for that as during the winter the sun does not rise in this part of the world until 8:30AM. It’s a different story in Summer when it will be around 3AM.

I have always loved watching the sun come up on night-shift, even at 3AM, even though I still have another three hours to go there is something almost spiritually uplifting about watching the sky turn from a deep indigo to vibrant orange just before the sun rises above the horizon. Much better that than going to bed in the dark, rising in the dark and doing a whole night-shift in the dark, which is the life that only a mushroom could appreciate.

This photo was taken at 6;30 this morning as I was walking the dog after my night shift. The geese were rising from Loch Leven to go forth in search of feeding passing over head so I whipped the G10 out and started snapping away like a hungry trout. It’s not the best way to do photography but there are times when one has to think quickly and make the best of what you have at the time.

Flocking off. Over Hatchbank Road

The formations are a little bit on the ragged side having just got their bulks airborne. Loch Leven is the winter feeding grounds for a lot of geese, later some will fly off to the north to breed while others like Kinross so much, (like me) that they stay here all year round.

A look out the window and a sprint down the road was enough to capture this pano. it’s just less then a 180 degree sweep, showing Bishop Hill to the center and Benarty to the left, with an imposing cloud formation overhead. I suppose having slept badly today that one has to make the best of this cloud with its silver lining, although the ones that I have flown through are usually cold and moist.

Gairneybridge Panoramic


A more traditional panoramic, maybe even a candidate for a monochrome… maybe another day when I next rise to the bait..


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