Stiff breeze, floppy canvas

You have to try something new or different every now and then otherwise you will go stale and complacent. Mastering something new is another string to your bow, although why you would like to notch two arrows at the same time is beyond me.

Panoramas or pano is that something new for me, so carried along on a stiff breeze of enthusiasm, I came across a fantastic program called Autostitch, which gets right to the heart of many Scots in that it is free and simple to use and according to the website blurb is a component in Serifs Panorama Plus X4 program. I’m a great fan of Serif software, it is good stuff and does the job nearly all the time because for some reason, that I have not been able to determine, it is useless at compiling panoramic photos. Having paid the fantastic sum of £15 for the program I expect the damn thing to work rather than provide me with some vexing entertainment.

Anyway, I shot this one on my morning dog walk today and learned how to drive my Canon G10 into overdrive to shoot lots of overlapping photos very rapidly to gain the material for the stitched pano.

Dark Hedges, Hatchbank Road

The result was converted into a monochrome because it is the shadows that interest me the most at this point in the walk…. and now the $64,000 dollar question.

What’s so special about this picture?

If I had not have told you then you would never have known that it was a panoramic and I could have saved time and effort and produced this picture from a single exposure. It kind of takes the wind out of your sails doesn’t it?


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