By endurance we conquer

By endurance we conquer*, or so the family motto goes.

I woke yesterday morning from an all to brief sleep, three hours is no enough to sustain another night shift but with the prospect of no more sleep I dragged the Beemer out of the garage and headed off to Scone and the prospect of some photo therapy.

I was rewarded with a photo of a picture of an aircraft that I had been after for a number of months now. This Aerosport Scamp, home built aircraft is only one of four registered in the UK and is in the final stages of construction as it gets ready to fly. I much prefer to get aircraft out int he fresh air with the prop running than one stuck in the back of the hangar, so I was pleased to see the Scamp outside for its engine runs. The aircraft is powered by a Volkswagen car engine, the Beetle flat four is a favourite as it is air cooled and burns ordinary petrol, which is slightly cheaper than aviation spirit. So with a few hand turns until you smell petrol, turn the magneto switches on and with only one flick of the propeller the engine burst into life.

G-DAVB Scamp.


The tacho wasn’t quite right so it was receiving some attention from David and Peter the Permit, who is the local Light Aircraft Association Inspector

So my patience was finally rewarded. I would like one of it in the air but for that I will have to wait.

* So did you ever wonder why Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition ship was called The Endurance?  Well, now you know.


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