It’s me. I’ve won!

Five AM, the alarm goes off, I lie in bed listening to the news on Radio 2, someone in Britain has won £140 MILLION on last night’s EuroMillions Lottery.

Wait a minute I bought a ticket yesterday, its me, I’VE WON!

Standing in the shower, thinking I can learn to fly, I’ll be able fly whatever I want where ever I want to go to.

Shaving over the sink, thinking that I can retire and never have to shave for work ever again. My face will be resplendent in a grey badger like beard and never more will I ever be expected to don a breathing apparatus set or respiratory protective equipment (unless its for DI(Bl**d)Y purposes, that’s different.

I could go touring on the Beemer and never have to worry about being in a one in ten holiday choice group.

Eating breakfast, thinking that I can afford that new 5D mk II and a few nice white lenses to go with it…. and then I go on line to check the numbers only to find that the only thing that I won was a half hours worth of dreaming on a cold February morning before a weekend day-shift.

It was so nice when it lasted and almost worth the £2 that I spent on the ticket. So whoever you are, I truly hope that it will bring you happiness because I spent a fair bit of it before reality kicked in.



I took the fancy to shoot some panoramic photos on Friday mornings dog-walk, Fin the Photographers Nightmare loved the experience as he skillfully worked himself into my pictures so much so that only a Scoobie-snack thrown into the background could dislodge himself from my foreground.

Hatchbank Road Pano

I kind of broke a rule with this one but it seemed to fit. I would normally not have my shadow in the picture or clone it out but it seemed to belong there. maybe it balances the darker shadow to the left. I don’t know.

You can see the Rushfield for the trees

The last on is my favourite one of the day

The one bale

I have a single shot of this scene still left to edit, the puffy white clouds and blue sky seems to suggest a monochrome so watch this space.

In the afternoon, I got the beemer out and went for a run up to Perth looking for some sparky supply shops, taking the very scenic route through Methven, Almondbank and Inveralmond.  I’ll do that run again maybe head up through Gleneages when I am at it. The wind was something else though, take it from me, a 20 odd mph cross wind does not half get the old foo-foo valve a twittering when one passes large lorries. (You can take that any way you want!)

Better get back to reality once more, it’s about time for bed, another 5AM rise tomorrow for me with the stone cold sober reality that I did not buy a National Lottery ticket today.


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