A blast on the Beemer – more BMW therapy.

I needed a day off to recuperate from my ordeal as a brickie, well that was my excuse anyway. It was a nice day and I did have a friend to meet at Edinburgh Airport and I did plan on going up to Dundee at some point in time to see a man about some cladding so that was all the excuses that I needed for a long run out on the Beemer.

The trip down the motorway mas made easier with the fact that I don’t have a front numberplate on the bike. Why would that be important you may ask?

Average Speed cameras is the answer. The powers that be are spending megga bucks upgrading the hard shoulder on the M90 motorway so that it can be used as another lane during peak periods and to do this they have imposed a 40 mph speed limit along a 10 mile stretch of the road. I am generally law abiding but there is something wholly un-natural about doing 40 mph on a motorway. It’s OK if you have cruise control but not on the bike, the thing is the cameras all point down and towards the oncoming traffic so I’m immune from the fear of doing exactly 40 mph for mile after mile but that not to say that I would be immune from the attentions of the Fife Polis. Anyway, I generally behave myself, best leaving the really stupid things to the real experts and let them get caught for speeding.

It was great meeting up with what turned out to be more than a few friends at Edinburgh Airport. I had resolved not to take anymore pictures from there but that was all forgotten once I got back into the swing of things. I even managed to shoot through the fence on a few occasions, which is something that I thought I would never be able to do with the 400 mm lens.

A KLM Boeing 737

The real challenge is to avoid sky shots. That is photographing an aircraft against a plain blue sky, so there is a very small window when the aircraft clear the top of the fence and the hill on the far side is still in view. Otherwise it is a sky shot.

An easyJet Airbus

An easyJet Airbus

However, as common as brown rats these easyJet aircraft are, this one had not been photographed on the particular web site that I upload to so a tick in the box and this sky shot is acceptable. It just goes to show that one should never turn down a bit of practice panning and the common today is the rare tomorrow and in a  few years this one will be sitting out on an airfield gutted and awaiting the scrap man’s attention, becoming history in the process.

A Swiss easyJet


Don’t ask me why but a few of the easyJet fleet are Swiss registered and fly a regular service into Edinburgh, this ones colour scheme is looking very tired looking as it turns off the main runway.

These three photographs demonstrate that one should never take for granted that just because the camera delivers pictures in a particular format that one should not crop all the useless scenery out the pictures to improve the composition.

The KLM was a 4;3 aspect ratio, verging on square, mainly so I could get a piece of scenery in the picture to get around the sky shot rule.

The easyJet was a 3;2 getting into the letter-box format, cropping out the empty bits of sky, to concentrate more on the aircraft.

The Swiss easyJet was a 2:1, really getting into the letter-box format by cutting out a lot of the stuff top and bottom to place the aircraft lower in the frame and to show off the cloudy sky. The aircraft, the runway and the sky all natural elements.

So there we have it, the run back up the motorway to Dundee was without event,except for a heavy police presence on the way into Dundee. They were the VOSA, the vehicle inspectorate agency in a country wide crack down on un-roadworthy commercial vehicles with the Tayside Polis Beemers doing most of the hard work and a wee wave to one sculking on a slip road waiting  for their next bit of trade to pass by. One never knows when that fraternal biker wave will come in handy and beside I’ve nothing to fear… I hope…

Dundee Airport was next to dead, there was nothing bar a Loganair SAAB to photograph so I kept on going to the Pullman Cafe just beyond it for a late lunch consisting of a rather tasty mince pie washed down with a can of the ubiquitous Irn-Bru. I had a rather productive chat with the man at the UPVC place as well. Just a pity that the hangars were all shut up and there were nothing of interest at Scone to photograph on the way back home.

That’s it the bike is back in the garage, the weather has turned colder once more and I am awaiting the next time that I can swing my leg over the bike and get some more Beemer therapy.


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