CAVOK and living the dream

One day, one day my DI(Bl**dy)Y project will be finished and one day I will learn to fly a flexwing microlight and pictures like this reinforce the dream.

I heard a bit of activity, well not just a bit, it seemed like every pilot at Balado had scrambled to get out of the hanger and into the air. Sunday was CAVOK – Cloud And Visibility OK, or in plain language, the first decent flying day in ages and everyone was determined to make the most of it.

G-CEZT Quik GT-450, Balado


The above shot was a five shot HDR image, which was converted to monochrome, a bit of noise reduction was added to the sky to soften the clouds and some Gaussian blur was added to the grass to soften it, all to give the photo a dream like quality. The wee G10 comes into its own once again, set down on the grass on top of the Gorillapod, Custom 1 and off it goes making another set of photos for the HDR program

A big thank-you to all my friends at Pegasus Microlight Training and everyone at Balado, I really appreciate your friendship.

Here’s to the next time… Clear prop!


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