Where were you Tommy Walsh when I needed you the most?

I can now categorically confirm that I am no good as a brickie. Tommy Walsh makes it look so easy on the telly. I mean I had everything I needed; the 4 to 1 mix was just right, I had my big bucket full of mortar, my wee trowel, a supply of ties to connect it into the existing wall, a pile of bricks and I even had a brickies-bum! But could I lay bricks? Could I heck.

What I didn’t have was my wee torpedo spirit level, my petrol-head daughter borrowed that last week. I asked her if she was on the level and she said yea right between the lines.

Which reminds me that I will need to phone my old Dad and appologise to him once again for every time that I “borrowed” his tools when he was looking for them… I wonder if he wants them back?

However, the toilet window is now bricked up in a kind of fashion, both sides will be plaster boarded over so my lousy brickwork will never be seen. Just as well really.

That’s one more step on the road to completion and another on the road to my ambition to fly microlights.


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