Shirking my duties

It was a wonderful morning, bitterly cold, next to no wind, sunshine and blue skies and that was enough for me to make the decision to abandon my DIY plans for the day and run off up to Aberdeen… in the mean time I still had a dog to walk and photos to take.

Scots Pine, Hatchbank Road

This one just cried out to me. The scene was bathed in a wonderful golden light but that wasn’t enough for me as I used a pseudo infra-red filter to get the most out of the contrast. An unwanted aircraft con trail was cloned out along with a few stray branches to simplify the composition a wee bit.

Benarty. Contre jour

The deep shadows behind Benarty and the strong sunlight made for a high contrast scene. A wee bit of smoke inversion gave an added effect.

Anacroich Trees

The shadows of the trees make for strong lead-in lines into this scene… I should have cloned out the highlighted grass in the foreground. Another pseudo infra-red effect.


Ochil Hills

This spot is usually the farthest point on my morning dog-walk. It started out as a three shot HDR image, which was then given the infra-red effect during the B&W conversion with a wee bit of colour bled back into the picture. I really must get back into proper near infra-red photography.

So there we have it. I’ll post some airplane pictures later but for now, another dog-walk is in the offing with some photo-therapy along the way… and then more DI(bl**dy)Y!

I’ll try and get the kitchen ceiling up today.


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