Lost in the land of DI(Bloody)Y – again!

I’ve been busy beavering (that word must be worth 20 spam posts from the sex industry sites) over the past few days, working in the new kitchen (those two words must be worth six spam postings) working away getting ready for the ceiling plasterboard. It’s amazing how quickly time can fritter away when you are trying to get something done. A trip to the builders merchants seems to take up most of the day. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a builders merchant near Perth Airport but there’s not!

I did go up to Scone on  Saturday afternoon, after my weekly bout of night-shift, my head is too wasted for DIY and perfect for some photo-therapy in the company of friends.

G-APXU Tri-Pacer

The snow clad hills of Highland Perthshire provided a nice backdrop to this picture of this 1953 classic. Having my favourite “whisk” in the background was just the icing on the cake.


I really should go in for more portraiture type shots, this gentleman was seriously considering the purchase of a new aircraft and the two just seemed to go together.

On a sad note I met an old friend who told me that this may be the last time that I would see his 1958 built Emeraude. This one has had its ups and downs over the years, suffering a hard landing a while back and a long and immaculate rebuild back to pristine condition and now sadly it’s up for sale and may be gone soon.

G-BBKL Emeraude

I used a narrow depth of field on this one to slightly throw the background out of focus, the background is not important as such except to give the photo a sense of depth.

That’s all from me, I have got another busy few days ahead of me. I have to find a piece of straight CLS timber to a missing roof beam, I seem to have lost a good number of  4×2″ planks to improper storage, which is something you never see on those DIY programmes, where everything seems to go to perfect plan and they never seem to trip over the same old items or have to move something around for weeks at a time.

The “siege-engine” my home made plaster board lift has to be reassembled for the last time so I can lift and keep the heavy 12mm plasterboard sheets in position so I can fit them onto the ceiling rafters and that will be fun. Ten to four in the morning, I’m due to get up at 5AM, see you later…


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