One quick blast…

… of colour and it was gone.

Grabbing the camera I was off down the road, just in time for a quick snap as the last rays of the setting sun broke through the clag to briefly light up Bishop Hill. Moments later, the patch of light slowly moved to the right and was gone.

I decided to go down the HDR route, for this one making five images, which were combined into a single image.

Colour blast, Bishop Hill


I have been busy lately, the highlight of this week was laying the floor in the kitchen extension with the realisation that in order to do the job right I am going to have to relay floor the old part of the kitchen as well. Why, of why oh why would some one ever think of joining floorboards BETWEEN the joists?

My suspicions were confirmed with this one. I wanted to use the duct to route some pipes through the wall and into the newer part of the kitchen.

Ventillation grille

This grille is to provide through flow air to the central heating boiler that was situated on the other side of the wall. That was until…

Yee Ha, another cowboy job uncovered

Looks like i will be putting the hammer and chisel to good use later one


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