Sleeping Warrior, Saltire Sky

From most places around Kinross-shire, the profile of Benarty is just like any other hill, however from the east it resembles that of a sleeping warrior, with the pillow and head to the right and the torso and feet to the left.


Sleeping Warrior, Saltire Sky

Two crossing con. trails formed the shape of the Saltire or St.Andrews Cross, which is the basis for the Scottish flag. It is said that on the eve of battle between the Scots and the Northumbrians at Athelstaneford in East Lothian, the shape of the cross gave the Scots a powerful omen and they won the battle. This in itself is unusual as us Scots are the best losers around, taking the defeat of our national football team in our stride. Indeed the Tartan Army, as the supporters are known by as renowned for traveling great distances to see our team get beat and then party away and generally have a good time… without the need to call in the riot police.

I processed this picture as a low key image, almost under exposed as it was the profile of Benarty and not what’s on the slopes that is interesting. A wee bit of darkening top left hand corner compresses the image towards the Saltire and profile.

Frozen tracks

I knew there was a picture here but what I did not know was what in the scene caught my eye until the third and most severe crop. It wasn’t the trees or the sky it was the frozen tracks across the field. I cropped the trees a bit wide to give the eye somewhere to go to when following the tracks…. I got there in the end.


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