The Morning glow

This one caught my eye as I was walking along Hatchbank Road this morning. I positioned myself to get the con trail at the apex of the barn and where I thought the road would form two lead-in lines towards the barn and I wasn’t that far wrong. I went as far as processing this one as a monochrome before I realised that the image was a lot better with the golden sky than without it. The con trail was most likely a British Airways Aberdeen – London Shuttle or the Aberdeen-Luton easyJet flight as they both seem to pass overhead about this time in the morning.

Hatchbank Farm, barn

A wee bit of processing to lift the shadows from the foreground  and it was ready. The best images are those that need the least amount of processing.

There wasn’t that much else to photograph. I thought about a tree from a different angle and a different view of Benarty from further down a field with some ground fog in the foreground but those were not possible, not with Fin, the Photographers Nightmare in tow,as both fields have a good stock of sheep, winter grazing and although he is good at doing what he is told, there is still the wolf within and I don’t want to take the chance of him worrying the sheep.  The last time that I let my guard down, Fin ran up to the sheep and started to tell them his life story, a few jumped off a nearby cliff before I could drag Fin away from the sheep.


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  1. #1 by Noel Tendick on January 16, 2012 - 11:35 pm

    Man, great composition, great shot, and I appreciate the tale to go with. I also have to say, having visited Scotland once, that besides the gorgeous country and great people, Irn Bru was one of my favorite things.

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