An applogy to Annoya

It turned out to be one of those days yesterday. I had suspected that one of the brake discs on my car wasn’t quite right and yesterday was the day that I decided to put things right. Sure enough one of the brake pads was almost worn down to the metal, the other was OK, that meant that the brake caliper was sticking and that ultimately meant that I had to replace the brake disc as well.

A trip to WD Factors in Dunfermline, who have always been helpful and at times sympathetic saved me around £30 when I compared their prices against Euro Car Parts. Thank you very much. The children WILL eat this week after all!

It is not a big job on the Fiesta, in fact it is relatively easy, that’s IF all goes well. One of the caliper carrier bolts rounded on me, this equates to an “oh sh1t” moment in a mechanics life. If the bolt won’t come off, then the disc can be changed…. now what am I going to go?

Bu99er it, time to get out the blow lamp and cook the thing, sticking a wee bit of heat on a seized bolt could be enough to break the rust holding it fast and it worked, thankfully. I put heat on all the rest just to be on the safe side.

The rest went like a dream, well almost… I had trouble putting the anti-squeal spring back on the first caliper, mainly because I forgot how it came off and it wasn’t until I took the other wheel off that I found out why. I had put it on wrong, so the wheel had to come off for it to be put right.

The proof of the pudding is in the road test and then everything went pear-shaped. For some reason, the engine immobiliser decided to kick in just as I was starting the engine. This is way beyond my skills level (mechanics techno babble for I am way out of my depth) so throwing my self on the tender mercy of my local garage did not help my mental state, the size of the intake of breath was a sure sign that this was going to cost as fixing it would involve a special Ford trained witch doctor and chickens would have to be sacrificed at great cost to me.

I just knew that I should not have taken the Goddess Annoya’s name in vain when I could not get the tool-chest drawer open

Heading back home I decided to try it one more time and ye gods…. IT STARTED and I could go to the ball after all!

The Scottish Aero Club here hosting a talk last night on the restoration of a CASA Jungman biplane trainer, made under license for the Spanish Air Force in 1962 from a pre-war German design.  This aircraft was a wee gem. I had seen it at Archerfield on a couple of occasions and was very impressed with the condition of the airframe, it has been stored for 40 years and of the restorers workmanship. I have not been able to photograph it following its restoration, more’s the pity.

Never one to pass the opportunity by I took this photo at Scone on my way home. This is a five shot HDR image, the range of exposures start at 6 seconds up to 2 minutes, which explains why I was able to get the line of hills in the background. I had to desaturate the sky a wee bit to tone down a magenta colour cast and do a lot of hot-spot removal. I had never tried HDR at night and this seemed to have worked.

G-AXZU Cessna 182, Scone

This is used by the skydiving club at Errol and usually has its maintenance done at Scone.

The drive home gave me an unexpected bonus, the engine management light has gone out! I had given up sacrificing chickens to that cause… I am really beginning to long for a car that does not need any form of engine management unit other than an electronic ignition unit or a distributor. My old Dad is right, the more things that you put in a car the easier for it is to go wrong.



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