I blame the pizza.

You can’t just have pizza and not have beer with it, it’s not natural. The beer and the fact that my metabolism is in my boots following yesterday’s night-shift made me very sleepy so that wee nap that I went for at 8PM, turned out to be a full eight hour sleep, waking as bright as the proverbial button at 4AM. Oh the joys of a screwed up body-clock!

As Lance Armstrong says, “turn adversity to advantage” so I did and took Fin, the Photographers Nightmare, who is adversity in himself, out for a nocturnal walk, which turned out to be a few nocturnal poos, wee-wees and a disgusting act on an unmentionable something that I won’t mention here except to say that he was very lucky not to meet Mr Boot!.

The first set of photos  did not work, the cameras automatic focus would not lock so I tried something new and just set it to infinity and hoped for the best. The focus was OK and I thought the exposure was as well, unfortunately it wasn’t two minutes wasn’t enough.

The next one surprised me, this is a series of three, two minute exposures layered up and merged in a Startrails program usually used by astro photographers. A lot of hot-spot healing and a wee bit of Topaz Adjust and…

The barn, Hatchbank Farm

I would like to dedicate this one to Dan Traun – Outdoor Guy Photography  whose passion is photographing the American farms and landscapes is inspirational. His work has made me see my home patch in a new light, in this case full moonlight.

I thought that I had this one sussed, carefully positioning the camera so the red light from the Craigkelly television mast was masked behind the trees and and aircraft just happens to land during the second exposure. the light trail for that can be seen through the trees. The orange light pollution is courtesy of Edinburgh City Council, however it provides an interesting back-light and contrast to the scene.

The next photo was made by turning the camera 90 degrees and shooting in the direction of the moon.

Moonlit road

It’s almost a monochrome and almost a picture as well, possibly a bit under exposed in the shadows to the immediate sides. I would have used the light from the Maglite but the batteries were a bit on the weak side so I did not bother.

Hatchbank Road by moonlight - reworked


Lazy, lazy, lazy! Why did I settle for second best?

I reworked the image and pulled some detail back from the sides of the picture.

I meant to say the Fin was having a ball giving a small rodent a good sniffing out just beside me, it’s fine with me, so long as he stays away from the tripod when I’m shooting.


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  1. #1 by andybeel on January 11, 2012 - 10:52 am

    Hi I like the Moonlit road shot – thanks

    Have you thought there is a different and perhaps stronger picture by cropping out the sky and converting to black and white?

    For examples of dark and moody b&W see my blog http://andybeelfrps.wordpress.com


  2. #2 by squawking7000 on January 11, 2012 - 12:04 pm

    To be honest I think the picture should not have been published. Went back to it and reworked the image and this is better. The monochrome did nothing for me, I kind of likes the silvery light on the road a monochrome version seemed too grey and not like moonlight at all.

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