… and it’s goodbye from me…

… well not quite. I finished night-shift this morning and said a fond farewell to my C-shift mates of the past four or five years and will say a hello I’m back to my new shift in a fortnights time. This will be the third time in the past 28 years that I worked on B-shift and perhaps if all goes well this may be the one that I retire from but that’s about seven years off. A few faces old and greyer heads from the last time and a few more to get to know in the years to come.

If you have never worked shifts then you will not appreciate that you get to know your colleagues quite well, hardly surprising when you are in close company with someone for 12 hours a day (or night) for four shifts a week. A lot more time than I spend with my wife, who will only get the best part of three to four hours of me when I come home from a day-shift and sometimes it’s a fleeting goodbye when I’m going out on a night-shift.

The upside of this shift move is that I have earned myself a 14 day holiday, probably will develop into a DIY fortnight, I still have that floor to lay that I wanted to get done before Christmas but I hope that I will get at least one day to myself and some serious photo therapy. While on the subject of therapy, I sneaked out the house this afternoon on the Beemer and went up to Scone to see what was doing.

It’s always a pleasure to chat to friends a few were making the most of the day and getting some maintenance and permit work done,  learning a few new aviation things along the way, like the trim motor on the Mainair Quik, which is a BMW window wiper with a few mods… double it and add VAT, thank-you very much. The CDI module, which controls the magneto ignition circuit is actually off a Ducati (motorbike) as is the voltage regulator.

This to me is the beauty of general Aviation, the pilots are real people and not just a pair of white shirted, epaulette wearing demi-gods who are locked away at the sharp end of a long aluminum tube.

One new aircraft in the hangar is this ARV1 Super 2, the type makes a return after the last one was sold away some five years ago. It’s one of those that you grow to like but it takes all sorts and you certainly get all sorts in the GA game.

G-XARV ARV1 Super 2


The Cirrus SR22 was doing a spot of circuit bashing today, it is on my hit list but I will wait for a better day as the conditions were just a bit too gloomy for a decent photo, talking of which, the ARV photo was pushing it quite a bit, up to 400 ISO and made use of the lens stabiliser to get this one. I should have had the tripod but that was in the back of my car and not on the back of the Beemer – bungee cord bondage stuff!

I must have shot 30 images of this from two angles using two different lenses and out that lot I managed to get two acceptable images and only one was processed. How’s that for statistics?




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