A good dose of Beemer therapy

From a less than glorious start in the morning the day improved quite a bit by lunchtime. Well when I say improved it had stopped raining and the wind had dropped to a breeze. Unfortunately it was still as cold as a witches heart but two out of three isn’t bad.

I got as far as dragging my now classic BMW K1100LT motorbike out of the garage, firing  up on the first go, when the seeds of doubt began to germinate and grow. What had I forgotten?

Oh, sh1t! Only the tax disc and the screw that holds it and the brake calliper to the front forks, that’s all!

The tax disc was put back on and the screw torqued up (40 N/m, if you are interested) and off I went for the first time in nearly two months on my beemer. (The tax disc is important, it’s an endorsable offence not to display one however unlike cars when they can be scanned in the blink of an eye by the police cameras,  motorbikes will not show as they are not usually displayed where the cameras can see them. However, why take the chance?)

I have to admit that I went kind of canny for a while so it was hardly surprising that I arrived at Glenrothes Airport in time to see the aircraft that has so far eluded me twice now taxy out and take off. The Sonex is no thing of beauty but it is something different. The fuselage must be made of a very thin gauge aluminum as it was seen to be vibrate quite a but as the pilot was doing has mag checks.  All prop aircraft are fitted with a dual ignition system, the spark is generated from one of two magnetos, which generate power when the engine is running. Before take off a pilot will switch one off in turn and observe the “mag drop,” the lowering in engine revolutions, to prove that both are working and that the engine will fire on a single mag.

G-ZONX Sonex, Glenrothes

This naff photo was the best that I could get. The aircraft turned on the runway and the nearside went into shadow. It is only late in the afternoon during the summer months that the sun comes right round. Otherwise it is a cross-country hike to get round the far side for some very nice landing shots on 25.

There will be a next time.

After that, I stopped off at the Scottish Gliding center at Portmoak. There was nothing doing so I kept on going, and going and going eventually clocking up thirty odd miles in the cold winter sunshine. I would like to nominate the guy that invented heated handlebar grips for a knighthood as I had mine set to toastie for most of the run.

I’m happy as a pig in poo, even if I am going back to work tomorrow.


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