Time to pay the piper

The wolf within


A photo from one of the rare days that it wasn’t raining. I could not help but notice the shape of Fin’s shadow and how much it reminded me of his ancestors.  Getting the photo was the hard part I eventually had to hold the camera down at knee height and click away until I got the shot that I wanted.

Bribing him with dog biscuits also brings out the wolf in him…. gently means leaving ALL my fingers still attached to my wrist. PLEASE means leaving my wrist still sttached to my arm!


I had Christmas off and shared the day with my girls for their birthdays and now it is time to pay the piper. I’m back at work and will bring in the New Year totally sober and more than likely be sound asleep at the bells on Hognanay (the Scots word for New Year season.)
Funny enough the New Year is a two day holiday in Scotland, a one day everywhere else in the UK, more than likely because the Scots were still suffering from the effects of the drink from New Years eve! We only drink to forget out troubles and ewe have a lot of them, not to mention the lousy summer of 2011.
It’s back to high winds and horizontal rain for the weekend. Enjoy it if you can.

Oh for those that believe that world will end in 2012…. it’s time to go out and buy yourself a huge great big new plasma telly, or a new car bur remember to pay it up on the never-never! 😉


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