The Big, Bad, Wolf…

Wow, I feel old, two of my daughters share the same birthday, there is six years and 32 minutes between them, my eldest has how now reached the once important age of 21 and my youngest is now a precocious 15…. going on 35!

Where has all those years gone?

We have a family gathering today The newest addition to the family will make his appearance today, young Jacob, who is only a few months old will no doubt be drawing tons of oos and aahs. It is also a special day because his auntie is also on her way home today from spending some time out in Africa doing missionary work and should be with us by late this evening. There is not that many 18 years old that can put that on their CV.

Yesterday wasn’t blowing a gale, it wasn’t raining and it wasn’t freezing cold… so it must have been a good day! So I dragged my Dad out to Scone at lunchtime with the intention of getting some photo therapy and some lunch while we were at it. I got the therapy bit but lunch was not so great as next to nowhere was open, we ended up surrendering to our stomachs and eating at KFC.

G-APXU Tri-pacer

The Tri-Pacer was out yesterday doing some circuit bashing. It has just recently returned to the air after a long period in the back of the hangar. The alternator regulator problem that grounded the aircraft for a while seems to have been fixed. It is nice to see this 1952 built classic about the place.

At the other end of the spectrum was this Jabiru, probably a new resident at Scone

G-CCAE Jabiru

I have been going back to my photographic roots and watching a Foundations of Photographic Composition course on Interesting stuff and I have found it beneficial to go back over things that nowadays I take for granted.

SLOW! Anacroich bends

One thing the tutor was advising his students to do was work in black and white and not colour. The idea being that colour theory is a large and complex subject in itself and to keep things simple and work on pure tonality. The above was a three shot HDR image with a monochrome conversion. I have to admit that I lost the tones in the sky, hardly surprising as there was next to no detail in the grey clag to be seen let along photographed.

Anacroich trees

I had been working on this one for a while now, I may have got the shot that I wanted as when I analysed what interested me, it turned out to be the trees themselves, so that is what I concentrated upon.

Cat through the gate

Again, this old gate has captivated me for ages, the problem for me was there was nothing beyond it except sky and I just could not get an interesting photo out of it. So taking the hint from the course I concentrated on part of the gate rather than the whole thing. A cat kindly provided some interest to the scene.

Looking for the wolf

It was the path that captivated me, the way it winds its way through the trees. It started life an a three shot HDR image, my original intention was to convert it to a pure monochrome, however when I ran it through a filter in Topaz B&W Effects the story of Little Red Riding Hood came to mind, just where Fin, the Photographers Nightmare comes into this story is debatable as he is a big wus at heart….


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