Blawin’ again

Boxing Day today and another day of high winds, oh bloo6y joy!

The morning dog was mas more than a touch breezy,  I don’t think Fin, the Photographers Nightmare really wanted to go out, however he had not much of a choice as I was in dire need of some photo-therapy this morning.

The clouds made it quite dark, so I used this to my advantage and set the Neutral Density Filter ON to stretch out the exposure time and hand-held the G10 against the railing of the motorway bridge to take this one.

Racing rods

The one second exposure time totally obliterated the cars leaving the rod like light trails of their headlamps. I played God a little by desaturating the yellowish light from the tungsten lamps to give it a more natural look.

How you you photograph the wind… apart from setting a match to it? (But that’s another story…)

My idea was to go for a long exposure and try and capture the branches swaying, this one ended up being a high key monochrome. The details in the foreground were underplayed to emphasise the branches.

Swaying branches

It could do with some further experimentation methinks. It wasn’t a good place to take photographs. The wee G10 was tripod mounted and sitting right on the T-juction and Fin managed to disgrace himself three times, twice being friendly to some runners and one being friendly to a car. I’m sure we dropped that dog one time too many on his head when he was a pup.


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