Up to our axles in snow and Irn-Bru

Strange to think that this time last year we were up to our axles in snow and sub zero temperatures and a year on it is one of the mildest Christmases on record with a good strong breeze to add and extra dimension to a dreich day.

Snow tracks

This is a photo from last year, which was never processed and typically seen in a new light as a monochrome. I wonder where the tractor went?

An ambulance with its blue lights flashing was making its way up a more or less deserted motorway this morning reminded me that some people will not be having a nice day today, some people will be missing their loved ones, some people will be working and some people will be serving their country in far off hot places today, so spare a thought for the people that keep the wheels turning so that all the rest can enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas Day.

I have been saving this one up for today, Irn-Bru’s tribute to the Raymond Briggs Snowman story. Have a Phenomenal Christmas.

Peace be with you where ever you are today.


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