I have been unable to make any photographs because the weather has been poor lately, giving me a chance to catch up on the DIY.

For a good few years now I have been preoccupied with building an extension to the back of the house, the project has come leaps and bounds since this time last year when I was ready for the roof to be finished and was stopped by a foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures, still even then I manage to work up until 10PM on Christmas Eve, then took a long break mainly due to the fact that the builders merchants were closed over the holiday period.

This week I have been making the finishing touches to my daughters bed room. The floor needed repaired after an accident with a fan heater and I have been having a running battle with a set of mirror wardrobe doors. Nothing seemed to be easy, nothing.

The final straw came when I had to make a gusset piece to cover the join between the laminate floor and the wardrobe doors. It took three hours to make one simple piece of joinery. The wood was planed down from 15mm to 10mm using a thickness planer, (thanks Dad, I’m still using it so you can’t have it back) then like a good boy I cleaned the machine down and gave it a good wipe over with a rag soaked in WD40, only to discover that the wood needed to be planed down further to 8mm. My mistake was not fully covering the rotating blades with the chipping chute, there was wood chip everywhere. It looked like my brain had just exploded!

So a lot more cleaning up had to be done… I’ll not that that again… this week anyway. The gusset piece is complete just needing some staining then it is ready for fitting, however I am going to have to take both doors off first, so that will wait for another day.

The bottom line is I am sure glad that I am not paying anyone to do the work as as a friend of mine so rightly said, pay someone to do the big stuff, like the bricks and roof as all the money in a house is in the finishing, like the woodwork and suchlike. Time really does mean money.

There is a door to hang and holes for the locks to be cut, not to mention a floor to be laid in the kitchen but I really doubt if I’ll be able to get that lot done before the end of the year

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