The auld Jock’s howff

I got stuck into some DIY today and managed to turn a piece of wood into an ornate lump of firewood. Everything that I done today went wrong. In the end I had to abandon the electric belt sander in favour of a plane, there is something very satisfying watching the shaving curl out of plane, however that wasn’t the case with me as I was giving it big licks into a piece of chipboard.

The electric jig saw and power saw were also abandoned in favour of the new and very sharp hand saw, finger pointing down the line of the saw, the fingers of the other hand perilously close to the cut, slow steady strokes got the job done.

Age is creeping up on me, I had to dig out my reading glasses and wear a head torch when using the biscuit cutter, that’s one power tool I cant really go wrong with.

The job is done now but I could not help think about Norm and the New Yankee Workshop, all that expensive and exotic wood… safety fences have been removed to make filming easier, aye right.. and here was me with the contiboard and my cheap power tools. Norm turning wood quickly into a piece of beautiful furniture and me turning a bit of chipboard into firewood and never a cross word is heard. Never do you hear old Norm curse because he has cut the damn thing too short or the power saw (safety fences have been removed to make filming easier) has turned what should have been a straight cut into a relief map of the Ochils.

Him with is New England accent and here is little old me, more akin to Gordon Ramsey than anything else, at least I’m bilingual, being able to curse in two languages; English and Weegee (Glaswegian)

Today’s pic was shot on my trusty old Canon G10. I forgot to note where the aircraft was going, no doubt it came from Amsterdam, they would have had a cracking view from up there at 38,000 feet.

KLM 025 Boeing 747

KLM 025 Boeing 747

The Flightradar24 picture has an in-built time delay, I was standing, looking up in awe just to the left of the largish blue blob ahead of the yellow plane symbol… that’s Loch Leven in case you didn’t know.


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