Back in the land of the living…

That’s night-shift over for another wee spell and once more I’m back in the land of the living. The first set back after the 18-day break is always the worst as one has to get ones body and mind back onto its self-destructive night-shift cycle. The things one must do to put food on the table…

Anyway I woke to the sight of a friends Chipmunk sitting on the grass outside the Scottish Aero Club,(webcams are very handy things) which was enough for me to pack my bags and head off to Scone for some photo therapy and to get some sunshine on me fending off the effects of SAD and rickets!

I also managed to settle a score with the Quik, that I managed to make a mess of the other day, so that’s one down. I don’t really like making photographs inside the hangar as I much prefer photos of aircraft outside in the fresh air, preferably in sunshine with the prop turning. Patience is a virtue wait long enough and I will get my photo of this aircraft outside the hangar but it is a not so good sign when the aircraft is at the end of the row, at bottom of the hangar. There is a kind of pecking order, the more active pilots manage to park their aircraft nearer the door than the not so active pilots.

Patience pays off.

G-DTAR Quik GT-450, Scone


I fell foul of that virtue this year, while waiting for a brand new Caldius gyrocopter to come out from the depths of the hanger and be photographed as sadly the aircraft crash not long after and suffering extensive damage.

Finally the one that got me out of the house in the first place, Fraser’s Chipmunk. We had a brief chat before he had to head back to his base at Kirknewton before it got too dark. That to me is the beauty of the General Aviation scene in Scotland, it is a small community, strangers become acquaintances very quickly.

G-BXDA Chipmunk, Scone

Playing cat and mouse with the sun. No sooner would I be out of the clubhouse than the sun would cloud over and one does not move that fast with the expensive camera around ones neck.



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