Catching up on yesterday

Dog walking can be a social affair and I don’t mean what the dogs do, that’s their affair excepting when it comes to the administration of a bucket of cold water. In the early days I had fine company, Wullie Watson, a man born and lived all his life in Hatchbank, a former miner, a man who knew all there was to know about everybody and everything and Russel Young, a native of the Borders and a school teacher at the end of his working life and a passionate ornathologist. Both were great company and I have to admit that one or two comparisons were made about the three of us and “The last of the Summer Wine” although just who Foggy, Compo and Clegg were was never established.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, Wullie in his 80s developed a cancer and passed away, a private man right to the end. Russel, passed away very quickly soon after… leaving just me.

There are other dog walkers, some are good company others are not, but that’s the way of things, so it is nice when you meet with another dog walker even if it is just to briefly complain about the weather before the dogs start doing their thing, which usually boils down to making love or war.


I have been thinking along the lines of the “Dark Hedges” of County Antrim, a place that I found completely by accident and to this day I don’t know where it is however there is a kind of comparison between the beech trees of the Dark Hedges and the beech trees of Hatchbank Road. Anyway I waited until they reached the pool of light before pressing the button and cropped to emphasise the height of the trees. I played God a little bit, removing a road sign just to the left of the walker and softened the details in the trees. They are there but you don’t need to know that they are pin sharp as the main point of interest is my fellow walker.

The only other photo to survive the cut from the photo therapy session at Scone yesterday was this one.

G-JADJ PA-28 Cherokee Warrior, Scone

Warrior at rest

This Cherokee Archer is perhaps the joint nicest aircraft in the Air Charter Scotland’s fleet, a wee bit of ground reflection and I managed to get Kingseat Hill into the background, which usually compliments the shape of most aircraft.

So there we have it, the coffers are empty as I did not photograph anything today although I did check out a location this morning, which is not too far from where I work, which may be a good location for a long exposure photograph but that will be another story.


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