Slowing down and looking back

It is about this time of year when things start to slow down, the weather  at the moment is dire, high winds and horizontal rain – again. The temperature is dropping and no doubt the rain will turn to sleet compounding more misery upon the day. We slow down on the run up to the end of the year, nothing much seems to happen and the media starts to get introspective, so why should I be any different?

Well not exactly, I was meant to be having a look at the photographs from my Hatchbank Road 2011 Flickrset and accidentally selected the Hatchbank Road 2010 Flickr set instead. This one seems to sum up how things are

The tree - duotone

I don’t remember much about the photo but it seem to suit the mood. It is the same tree that I photographed the other day with the Buzzard in the branches, seen from a slightly different perspective. The best thing about it is you don’t see the road and the scenery in the background, the fog helps you just see the trees in isolation.

Just goes to show you, one can walk up and down a road day in day out and think that you have seen everything but there is always something new to discover.


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