Catching up with some GA

A short trip up to Scone of Sunday to see what was doing and to have a bleather with some friends at the Scottish Aero Club.

I much prefer to wait and get an aircraft out in the open with the prop turning than to photograph them dormant in the hangar, so Sunday was a bit of a red letter day for me as I managed to photograph some GA (General Aviation) aircraft, which had eluded me for a while and a Glasgow based Cessna that appears to be sheltering from the elements in the lee of the club house.

First on my hit list was this 1957 built Jodel Paris-Nice, registered to an address in the Aberdeen area and possibly wintering at Scone.

G-BCGM Jodel

I managed to catch it as it was out on the taxy-way warming the engine up before take-off.

The second based aircraft was this Cirrus SR22. This modern aircraft is surprising in many ways amongst which is a really meaty sounding engine and a very sexy looking all glass cockpit instrumentation. This was the best of a set of three shots, the other two were in a better position but the details were lost by some over exposed highlights. I’m sure that I’ll get another chance to photograph this aircraft at close quarters, however if there is some thing that I have learned is patience and as the saying goes, “whits fur ye, wull no go by ye.” ( What is meant for you will not pass you by.)

N21UK Cirris SR22

I cheated a little and cleaned up the picture a little by removing the runway marker board from the background, I’ll let you figure out where it was because I’m not letting on. The board stuck out like a sore thumb so it had to go as I much prefer a simple scene as opposed to a cluttered one.

Last was this Glasgow based Cessna 172, which has sat in the lee of the clubhouse ever since Hurricane Bawbag swept across Scotland last week. I’m not complaining as it had been on my hit list as well.

G-BGIY Cessna 172

I used some fill-in flash to light the fuselage, otherwise it would have been in shadow, or back-lit.


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