Shut inside a cupboard

I’m of that certain age when one remembers being shut inside a cupboard, (when I wasn’t naughty) with the enlarger and the developing chemicals, with the distinctive odour of cats piss in the air, watching the print develop and then being able to see the print in the light as it come out of the wash. Nowadays one does not get that same kind of gratification the best that one can get is a sense of satisfaction of a job well done but the excitement isn’t there, as you have already seen the shot on the back of the camera, when it went into and came out of the RAW conversion and all the way through the Photoshop stages to the final save. It isn’t the same.


G-BBVF Twin Pioneer

G-BBVF Twin Pioneer

The tones on this one give me a lot of satisfaction. The pool of light is entirely natural, I don’t know where it came from but it helps the shot, as does the pair of noses which frame the “Twin Pin.”  It’s cropped a little longer than the usual 3:2 aspect ratio to get more of the bracketing noses  into the picture. The shot is a multiple image combined into a single HDR. The trouble was there were a couple of conflicting light sources that I could not correct, so it was converted into a monochrome….. I’m 16 again and shut inside that cupboard once again. 🙂

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