A flying death trap…

Me.163. I often wondered what went through the Luftwaffe pilots minds as they were about to fly these things. Loaded with two very volatile fuels containing Hydrazine and Hydrogen peroxide, which are two very mean substances at the best of times and when mixed produced a violent chemical reaction. The danger so so great that there were specialised teams to perform the fuelling and they would NEVER fuel the aircraft at the same time.

It says a lot that after the war the allies did not undertake much post-war flying in the Comets. Capt Eric “Winkle” Brown, RN, one pilot that flew a Comet after the war described flying one as “like being in charge of a runaway train.”

Me.163 Komet, East Fortune

This photo is a multiple exposure HDR image, I just missed capturing all the detail in the windows, the exposures range roughly from 1/30th up to 1/250th, shadows to highlights.

There is a larger sized version of this picture here


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