Something old something snow

Not too bad a day here today, bitterly cold when out in wind but not too bad at all.

I have photographed this scene before, I’ve got a rather nice monochrome out of it last year on Flickr, this time it was a three shot HDR, so I could get some detail in the shadows by the road side and get the snow clad Ochil Hills in the background without worrying about a burnt-out sky.

The only down side to this scene was that I had to stand in the middle of Cleish Road at a bad bend and then have the added worry of trying to keep tab on Fin, the Photographers Nightmare and what he was up to… or eating. I have heard Labradors described as a life support for a stomach and I can well believe it. As it happens the first attempt was aborted due to the Postie turning up in her van, thank goodness for rural posties, you actually get to know their names!

Cleish Road and the Ochils

I had a trip to my favoured builders merchants later on, spending some serious money on wood for the new kitchen floor, which should be delivered in a day or so… guess what I’ll be doing this week?

On the way back I stopped off at Portmoak, it’s the home of the Scottish Gliding Union and a first class gliding establishment but for some reason I have never clicked with any of the folk there. It’s a strange place, considering that it’s right on my doorstep and I have been going there for years one is still treated like an outcast.  Anyway I made this photo, which was shot from the visitors paddock.

Photography at Portmoak is difficult, most of the action is to the south, which means back lit images. I had the flash gun with me, so I used it to fill-in some of the shadows. You can see this with the different white tones of the sunlight and flash on the fuselage. The highlight on the canopy frame is also another dead give-away.

G-KEDK Discus BT


There is an engine tucked away behind the cockpit, just enough to make it self launching and to fly to the more interesting patches of sky.

So it was back to the DIY and digging out the rubble in the old part of the kitchen so I could make a start on that new floor.

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