Aw jings, winter’s here.

Aw jings, winter’s here.

I woke this morning to the sight of snow on the ground, lets get things in perspective here, this is less than an inch, probably rates as a hard frost in Canada but for this part of east-central Scotland it’s enough to cause chaos…. however it is a blessing as the fields are covered in snow transforming the mundane into the slightly interesting, presenting a golden or should that be a white opportunity for photography.

Scots Pine

I have photographed this tree on countless occasions, it is one of those trees that is on a losing streak, it is slowly falling to bits, however this morning it was lit by a really nice golden light which was accentuated by the golden colour of the bark into a riot of orange.

The frozen ground gave me the opportunity to walk over a field that is normally a no go zone, it was last used for the planting of potatoes and the harvest turned the ground into a muddy no mans land. The sun obligingly burst through at the critical moment flooding Rushfield Farm with its golden light. Kind of unfortunately a flock of birds took to the skies as I was making the picture and I just gave up trying to spot them out of the picture.

It’s as pretty as a Christmas card none the less.

Rushfield Farm

One of the things that I find really liberating is to be able to think outside the proportions of the camera sensor and not to be bound by that aspect ratio. My aircraft photography is constrained by either a 3:2, a 4:3 or a 1:1 if I am really lucky. This one is almost a 2:1 and looks a lot better for having less foreground up to the line of the Bog Burn, which runs across the lower portion of the picture.


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  1. #1 by Nancy green on December 5, 2011 - 5:12 pm

    Lovely photo Wallace you are definitely a dedicated photographer cos when its cold you should just cosy by the fire drinking your Irn bru and maybe photograph the steam coming off your socks. However I did enjoy the lovely picture of Rushfield farm.

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