A weekend of highs and lows

Highs and lows, that just about sums up how things have gone.

With digital we do not get that same tangible satisfaction that we used to derive when a wet print came up in the developing tray and the great feeling of a job well done when viewing the final print.

The vast majority of images that are taken on digital cameras never get printed out on a hard copy and only exist as a file of binary numbers. It was to this end that I  bought a second hand Epson R2400 printer from a friend at work.

My first impressions were very good, but after a while the realisation that in order to run a printer then one needs to able able to throw money at it hand over fist. To give you an idea of what I mean. The printer has eight separate ink cartridges. The cost of which is anywhere between £8 and £15 a cartridge, or roughly £100 for a set of cartridges. No sooner would one cartridge be replaced then another would go critical, this situation just could not continue.

The first replacement was a Lyson refillable cartridge system, the problem being that one could not buy the replacement ink in 60ml bottles. The only alternative was a 125ml bottle at £30 each. This situation did not last long as I was faced with replacing three ink bottles, which would be nearly £100! There was also a problem with the Lyson cartridges in that the ink levels would not be detected by the R2400 printer, the colour quality would go off and I would  be blissfully unaware about it until it was too late.

It was clearly a case of throwing good money after bad and I eventually bit the bullet and bought a Lyson Continuous Ink System.

It took nearly two hours to change over the cartridge system to the continuous system, at one point the 9th, spare matte black cartridge, which rides onto of the ink cartridge carrier came off, jamming the printer. That’s now secured down with an elastic band and is a serious weakness with a nine bottle system.

The job is all done now, I’ve run a few test prints and they seem OK but I’ll wait a day or so before running the profile prints.

Today’s photo

Last night, we has a hard frost on top of wet snow last, the result of which was an accident on the M90 somewhere near Kinross, which closed the road and all northbound traffic. the diversion route was on the old Great North Road which not too far away from my house. I saw the cloud shrouded hill and then  had to book an appointment to cross the road and take the photo. It was the cloud that just said monochrome to me. I will run this one off on the printer soon.

Bishop Hill

The lowest ebb

The lowest point came with the news on Friday that  Allan Houghton, who was the Scottish Aero Club’s Hangar manager passed away.  The whole community at Scone has lost a dear friend.

May you rest in peace.


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