A spectacular dawn and a lousy dusk

I took Fin out early this morning and thank goodness I took the camera with me as I caught a spectacular sunrise as Benarty was backlit with a fantastic purple glow and then farther up the road the sky went vibrant gold.

I scouted out a new photo location at Dundee Airport this afternoon, I did not stay long as it was bitterly cold out exposed to the wind and the light failed early with a heavy rainshower while dominated the sky over Newburgh. Still I did get a shot of this Isle of Man Beechcraft 390, unfortunately it is kind of common, the Norwegian and Belgian Beech 200s were not so common but no photos.

M-RKAY Beechcraft 390 Premier, Dundee

This photo was shot over the fence and not through it as I used to do. I am getting the hang of setting the exposure manually and shooting away until I get the shot that I want. It would be nice to do this with a Live View, unfortunately my old 5D does not have that so its done by trial and error.

These two pictures were shot using the Canon G10, they consist of around six different exposures blended together in a High Dynamic Range program.

Benarty and the pre-dawn glow

There are times when I wish I could photograph something else other than this hill and then again…

Hatchbank Road tree-line

This one was a bit problematic, it was made from six photographs of differing exposure times sandwiched together. Unfortunately the wind was moving the clouds along at a fair pace so I had to smooth-out the layered effect in the clouds, which has helped increase the effect.


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