One reasonable morning

It’s that time of year again, the sun does not rise all that far above the horizon, shadows are long and the days are cold. This mornings dog walk was all three, however that wee bit of sunshine made all the difference as Fin, the photographers nightmare as we made our way along Hatchbank Road.

First up was a location that I have tried before to get a photo of, the problem being that my shadow falls right across the gate. I got round that problem by hiding in the shadow cast by the wall on the opposite side of the road.

The gate

Next up was another location that I had tried before to get a photo from and wasn’t too happy with the result. This one was a three shot HDR,processed in Photomatix then ran through Topaz for the monochrome conversion. It could be better, perhaps during the summer when the shadow to the left is a bit shorter.


Last was a bit of a diversion, usually at the time of year I walk across this filed on a very regular basis, this year I have kept off it because there was a hope that the farmer may have got the straw in, I don’t think that will happen. Sad there just not enough dry days so the straw could be dried and baled. If the winter turns hard he’ll be forced into buying straw at premium prices.

Who would be a farmer?

The Howf

Strong-ish lead-in lines from the tractor tyre marks, what you can’t see all that well is the snow covered Ochils beyond the trees. Slightly false colours but it seems to work for me.

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