Discovering the lost

It was a chance photo request that got me thinking, what did happen to that set of photos of that Eurosport Squirrel….

This Squirrel has been the camera platform Eurosport coverage of the Scottish Car Rally for the past few years and I have never managed to get a photo of it flying. The problem was I did get a photo of it in the air but where was the photo lurking on the hard drive?

The bottom line is, the photo is not that great and I would really like to say that there is always next year but there’s no next year for the Scottish Car Rally as the next event is in 2013. Ah well “what’s fur ye wull nae go by ye.” Scottish fatalism at it’s best – what is for you will not go by you. (I’m almost crying into my Irn-Bru)

G-LARR Squirrel

G-LARR Squirrel

G-LARR SquirrelG-LARR Squirrel

The kit that this aircraft carries is impressive. The back two seats are removed and replaced with a bank of electronics, the aircraft is fitted with a gyro stabilised camera and the satellite aerial can be seen above the camera. From memory the aircraft can handle up to 10 individual television feeds from inside the cars, which are uplinked to the aerials on the skids. The on-board camera and car feeds are then uplinked to a high fling Cessna 404, which relays the signals to a ground station and then uplinked to a satellite the finally downlinked to the Eurosport control room in Paris.

This same set up is used during the television coverage of Le Tour, the crew is also the same.


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