Discovering the Picts in Perth

I had some time to kill this morning while my daughter was participating in a brass band contest at the Perth Concert Hall this morning,. With some time to kill I slipped out of the Concert Hall and into the Perth Museum where the first thing that I saw on display was the St. Madoes Stone. I never knew there was one in the museum let alone three. The other two being a half finished slab and a fragment of a larger stone long lost.

St. Madoes Stone - Christian side

This is what is termed a Class 2 stone, that it half of it is Pictish and half is Christian. I like to think of it was the early Christian missionaries hedging their bets, not quite wanting to totally shun the old Pictish ways.

This is a rather good stone, the fantastic animals that surround the cross are easily seen, the pictish side is rather difficult to see as it faces the wall. However there is a mirror, which helps.

St. Madoes Stone - Pictish side

There are three mounted warriors and just at the bottom of the picture is a classic Pictish symbol, the Crescent V-rod.



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