Nothing like a Lynx for getting the pulse racing

I had resigned myself to a morning of nothing, no General Aviation aircraft would be flying in the 15 to 20 kt winds so it was with some surprise that I got the heads up on a Lynx that was heading for Glenrothes Airport.

As usual, just when you are late for work, or wanting to get somewhere in a hurry there is always a Micra tootling along on an open road at a brain numbing 30 mph. Oh just suffocate me, shoot me buy me a one way ticket to Switzerland if I ever buy one of those things!

XZ654 Lynx, Glenrothes Airport

However, I broke the golden rule, I forgot to check my camera before I started taking picture, the mode dial was set to Custom, which in my case is used for  HDR exposure bracketing  shots, so every third image was OK, and the others were either over or under exposed…. one out of 29 isn’t bad I suppose. NOT!

Cropped this one at 4:3 so i could get more of the airport in the picture.

Very trying conditions, I don’t which was worse the 20 kt wind in my face or the down draught from the rotors… maybe both.

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