East Fortune, the military hangar

That’s the last main hangars worth of aircraft pictures processed, thankfully without too much trouble, mostly due to the fact that this hangar was better lit with daylight than the other two hangars.

I was rushing though this hangar to get home to keep an appointment, so maybe one day I’ll return and try and find some better angles, the trouble is the aircraft are cramped that close together that one is forced into the same old pictures time after time. The Phantom is a prime example, sitting at the back of the hangar hemmed in by the Buccaneer, so there are only two angles possible with this one, the nose shot and the back shot with a small smiley face just above the jet pipes…. believe me it’s there!

F-4S Phantom, US Navy

This Vulcan has a bit of notoriety to it. It was one of the Black Buck Vulcans that bombed Port Stanley Airport during the Falklands Conflict, it carries two or three mission symbols on its nose along with a small Brazilian flag as it had to divert into Rio de Janerio, causing a minor diplomatic incident… I believe the ambassadors plate of Ferrero Rocher fell over when he was told the news of its arrival.

The skyscape was perfect for a monochrome

The Black Buck Vulcan

I will finish with Katrina Jane, a Desert Storm survivor unfortunately it did not survive the Defence cuts that grounded the entire fleet of Jaguars.  This one was an example of the photographers art of patience. I had taken almost all of the shots necessary for the shot when a family turned up and proceeded to plant themselves right in front of the aircraft, so I waited and waited and better waited until they got the hell out of my bloody picture!

I had to, they paid their money just the same as I did and I’m sure that I’m a better person for exercising such restraint….

Katrina Jane, a Desert Storm survivor

Again the full set of pictures can be found here

There are a few pictures left to process from hangar 1, the Concorde hangar, so watch this space…


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