East Fortune, time for some more therapy.

I had the time, the petrol and the house-points so what the hell, time to make the 60 mile trip out to the Museum of Flight at East Fortune to get some photo-therapy and some Beemer therapy along the way.

I have been there many times before and decided to do the whole shoot as a HDR, or high dynamic range exercise. I knew that it was possible, following my visit to the Ulster Aviation Museum at Long Kesh, yes THAT Long Kesh. The museum is a great place to visit.

HDR is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it, me I prefer it served with masses of sugar to make it as tasteful as possible without any of the grungy bits.
One thing I tried to do was correct the white balance, its a nightmare in those hangars with a mixture of natural and mercury vapour lighting.

So starting with Hangar two because I made a mess of  Concorde in Hangar one, there’s still hope that I’ll pull something out of the digital mess.
It struck me as odd that I used to look after seven of the aircraft in this hangar when they were part of the Strathallan Collection, this aircraft being one of them

"Piston" Provost

It no longer flies, I guess that it’s Piston Broke now….


Weird to see this one in the hangar, it was only registered for a year before it was damaged beyond repair in the hangar fire at Strathaven. There are not that many Ikarus aircraft in museums that’s for sure. This one was crying out to be a monochrome, great tones on the floor, roof and fuselage however I kept some colour with a bit of colour popping.

The Ikarus that got too near the fire

One last one, again a colour pop, this one I made with some deeper blacks as contrast to the etch primed yellow fuselage. I would like to think that one day this very rare aircraft will be finished but progress is extremely slow. Times are hard and money is in short supply. I was close to rejecting this because of the misty like quality of the light streaming through the windows but it does give it some character.


I’m still learning WordPress so forgive me, the link to the set can be found here

G-CESR Quik GT-450

There are lots of pictures to pictures still to process.


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