Chasing the mist

It’s that time of year when the sun does not rise in this part of the world until eight and sometimes nearly nine O’clock (It’s these times that I’m grateful that I don’t live in Shetland!)

Fin, the Photographers Nightmare and I went out early this morning; he for his daily constitutional and me for my morning dose of photo therapy, which I have been sorely missing lately with the spate of dreich weather that we have been having here.

Another HDR shot, not your usual 0 +/- 1.3 EV type of shot, I was after the silhouette so I under exposed it by as much as +2 EV. The colours were enhanced slightly using Topaz Adjust and the lights of the cars cloned out in Photoshop.

The hill is called Benarty, which rises above the southern shores of Loch Leven. It’s also known as The Old man of Benarty, from here it resembles the profile of a sleeping giant.

The mist lying above the Gairney Burn and below Fruix Farm was to much of a temptation so I went down a farm track and across a field only to discover that the mist had disappeared and then the penny dropped, it hadn’t disappeared I was amongst it, so I back-tracked across the field and shot this with the lens well zoomed out.

The original intention was to keep it as a colour image but the lure of my first love proved too strong and monochrome won the day. It was going to be a quad tone but the simple contrasty version seemed to work better.

The next port of call was The Museum of Flight at East Fortune but that’s another story…


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